We provide a suite of corporate services integrating Test Automation, Enterprise DevSecOps, Information Security, Quality Assistance, and Regulatory Compliance, all underpinned by a strong foundation in behavioral engineering.

Values by expertise

Enhanced Lean and Quality Test Assessments

Maintaining high-quality standards is more critical than ever. Our Quality Assistance service encompasses two pivotal components: Lean Quality Assessment and Software Quality Test Assessment. These assessments are meticulously designed to scrutinize and enhance the quality of your software development processes. Through a combination of expert interviews, detailed analysis, and technical collaboration, we aim to uncover and address the underlying challenges that may impede the delivery of high-quality software. Our approach is not just about identifying issues but also about implementing actionable strategies that align with your organizational goals, ultimately elevating the quality of software delivered to your end-users.

Our service begins with a comprehensive Lean Quality Assessment, designed to understand the dynamics of your software development process through targeted interviews. By engaging with individuals from each role involved in the SDLC, we aim to capture a holistic view of your testing needs, test design, and delivery strategies. This assessment is structured around the three Test Axioms, ensuring a focused and organized approach to identify and address quality concerns. The outcome is a strategic report that not only pinpoints organizational and process-level challenges but also suggests practical improvement measures tailored to your business needs.

Planning and conducting insightful interviews on the SDLC process.

In-depth review and analysis of quality-related documentation.

Gathering and evaluating documentation samples to reinforce interview findings.

This service includes specialized technical collaboration sessions with your development team, designed to cultivate a strong quality culture from the outset. We share valuable insights, methodologies, and quality-centric literature, aiming to embed quality considerations into every aspect of your development process.

Organizing and facilitating technical sessions with team members.

Collection and analysis of technical documentation and code samples.

Introduction to advanced software quality processes and tools.