We provide a suite of corporate services integrating Test Automation, Enterprise DevSecOps, Information Security, Quality Assistance, and Regulatory Compliance, all underpinned by a strong foundation in behavioral engineering.

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Global Compliance and Regulatory Analysis

Our comprehensive review delves into the essential compliance and regulations pivotal across various industries and regions. This analysis encompasses a range of ISO standards and SOC (Service Organization Control) protocols, highlighting their relevance and application in different business contexts. Understanding these standards is crucial for aligning with international best practices, enhancing organizational quality, and ensuring robust information security and management processes.

We begin with an in-depth examination of key standards:

ISO 9001: Quality Management System.

ISO/IEC 27001: A critical standard in information security, demonstrating adherence to best practices in protecting information.

ISO 20000: Particularly relevant for IT service management, showcasing high-quality IT service delivery.

ISO 27701: Vital for handling sensitive data, especially under GDPR in Europe.

ISO 27005, 27017, 27018: Extensions of ISO/IEC 27001, focusing on risk management, cloud security, and personal data protection.

ENS: Spain's national standard (Esquema Nacional de Seguridad), outlining principles and requirements to secure electronic services and minimize risks in public administrations.

Our review also covers crucial SOC protocols:

SOC I: Demonstrates sound internal controls, particularly in IT systems.

SOC II: Focuses on privacy and security, often requested in B2B contracts.

Directives and regulations:

NIS 2: Guides EU cybersecurity for critical infrastructure, promoting unified network and information system security.

eIDAS: Stands for \"Electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services.\" A European Union regulation establishing a framework for electronic identities and trust services, aiming to facilitate secure and seamless electronic transactions within the EU.