Security, Quality and Regulatory

Enhancing Information Security, Elevating Quality Assistance and Ensuring Regulatory Compliance through our Trust Systems Integration Methodology.

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The Imperative of Security

Decipher the escalating threat landscape and recognize the indispensable role of proactive cybersecurity measures in safeguarding your assets. In an era that's increasingly defined by sweeping digital transformation, the lack of a comprehensive and robust cybersecurity it's akin to a ticking time bomb.

80% of organizations experienced a cyberattack in the past 3 years, signaling growing threats.

Cyberattack Statistics

90% of businesses report financial loss due to cyber incidents, underlining the economic impact.

Financial Loss Due to Cyber Incidents

70% of companies don’t expect the situation to ease in the next year, indicating persistent challenges.

Continued Cybersecurity Challenges

Quality Assistance

Explore the shift from traditional Quality Assurance to Quality Assistance, an innovative approach that integrates quality requirements seamlessly into every step of the development lifecycle. In today's fast-paced agile environments, where adaptability and speed are key, Quality Assistance is an absolute necessity.

55% of teams utilizing Quality Assistance in their workflow report fewer software defects.

Software Defects Reduction

40% faster feedback loops achieved with integrated Quality Assistance.

Feedback Loop Efficiency

65% of firms report better collaboration, satisfaction, and retention.

Collaboration, Satisfaction, Retention Improvement

Industry standards for operations

Unpack the mounting pressures and tangible benefits of adhering to industry regulations and securing the necessary certifications for your operations. In a world that is becoming more and more regulated by the day, the failure to comply with these standards is a direct route leading to complicated legal issues.

73% of businesses failing to comply now immediately face severe financial penalties.

Financial Penalties for Non-Compliance

88% of certified firms actively report enhanced better readiness for new opportunities.

Enhanced Readiness for Opportunities

Only 40% of surveyed companies are fully prepared for all upcoming industry regulations.

Preparedness for Industry Regulations


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